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After Christmas Party – Jan 2019

Wow what a fantastic evening we had!  Thank you so much for making Friday such a great fun night and so far we have raised £1584.25 for Breast Cancer Care and Santander are going to double the amount.

It was so lovely to see everyone looking so gorgeous and enjoying yourselves. I can never say enough how lucky I am to have so many loyal members who are always so helpful in class and working out so hard. It makes it very difficult to decide who to give awards to.

My loyal helpers, Glynis, Janet, Chris, Barbara, Pat and Maria (who is retiring from the desk having been with me from before RC!) – a big thank you to you all for your help.

The last year has seen a lot of members with serious health issues but three ladies, Janet Canham, Rita Jones and Jo Hunter have had hips and knee replacement and throughout they kept coming to class to keep them in the “zone”. I called this award Dedicated/Stoic as that is what they have been.

My award for The Most Determined went to Debbie Taverner, who was one of my very first Slimmers of the Year and then moved away. She recently moved back to Enfield and joined, doing several aerobic classes a week and pilates. On our trip to Cyprus, Debbie told me of her determination to lose weight in 2019 and she joined Body Blitz and Wow! not only is she losing weight but her body shape change has been dramatic. Keep up the good work Debbie.

My Star of the Year went to Lorna Bradley who joined me 10 years ago and lost 4 stones and reduced her BMI down to 22.5 and she has maintained this for 8 years – what an achievement and check out that little waist!! She has also joined us in Body Blitz!!

A big thank you to Tracy Albert for the beautiful table decorations and also her great idea of the Ribbon Trees – there are a few Ribbons left if anyone would like to buy one in class – just make a donation.

Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of new members – the majority of which have come via the website and this is really down to Sharon Howard’s hard work. She has spent hours teaching herself how to build a website and the newbies have been the result. So a very big thank you to Sharon who is now to be known as IT Director!

Thank you again for your generosity in donating the prizes for the raffles and you can see from the photo what an amazing job my friends and family did to put the hampers together.