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Unfortunately, due to the fact that we rarely do manual type housework, our arms are maybe not as toned as our Mothers used to be! Hopefully, the myth of working with weights will  bulk up has gone  – which is not possible due to the lack of testosterone in females.


Think Popeye! The muscles fibres run at different angles so you need to attack them from all directions. This can be done by changing hand positions – hammer curl, palms facing towards each other. Palms upwards.


It is no good doing a full push up before you are ready. Start against the wall, then progress to a box press, ¾ press and then a full press up. The wider the hands (easier option) will work the pectoral (chest muscles) and the narrower the hands will work the triceps (think bat wings!). So some of each would be a good idea.


These are the muscles at the back of the arms and often go flabby and not often used in everyday life. Exercises to work these muscles are;

Tricep Dips – seated at the edge of a chair, ensuring you can see your toes and lower yourself down with your back touching the edge of the chair – one to do in the office as long as your chair hasn’t got wheels!

Tricep Extensions – arms overhead, as close to your head as you can, bending and straightening arms. If it is too much, bring the arms lower, with elbows pushed behind body and bend and straighten the arms.


These muscles form part of the shoulder girdle, think epaulettes! To work these muscles you do a Shoulder Press pushing arms overhead and taking straight arms out to the side in an exercise called Lateral Raise (out to side).

If you could do these daily – building up to 4 sets 12 reps and increasing the weight. If you don’t want to buy weights, you can fill plastic bags with sand or rice or fill bottles with water.