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Healthy Recipes


By making small changes you can still enjoy beef as part of a healthy balanced diet which has a good source of protein .  Always try to eat leaner cuts removing most visible fat.



There are so many choices for a nutritious breakfast whether it’s high-protein eggs, avocado on toast, oats or a healthy smoothie there is something for everyone to start your day.


A selection of different chicken dishes that can easily be made during the week or at weekend when you have guests round but want to keep check of what you are eating, that are easy to make using fresh ingredients, showing you can eat healthy without losing flavour & taste

Dessert or Sweet Treats

A few ideas of what you can have when you fancy something sweet or have friends over for dinner, without undoing all your hard work!


Fish is such a healthy, nutritional food, white fish is low in fat, high in protein & Vitamin D, ensure you include oily fish in your diet on a weekly basis as the all important omega 3 fatty acids which is important for your health are found in these fish. Think SMASH (Salmon, Mackeral, Anchovies, Sardines, Herrings)

Lunch Suggestion’s

Lunch should be a satisfying meal that will ensure you will get through the afternoon without snacking on things you may latter regret!  It doesn’t have to be boring, there are many healthy options open to you that will ensure you are eating a balanced diet. 

Seasonal Dishes

A few ideas that will let you still enjoy some of the seasonal eat’s we all enjoy during the year!

Side Dishes

Try some of these dishes to add to your meal, quick & easy to prepare with interesting flavours


A selection of different soups that are easy to make using fresh ingredients, showing you can easily have a filling healthy soup available any day of the week


Some tasty recipes that even meat eaters will enjoy!