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A Message From Lesley

24 hours of health

Already feeling lethargic by 11 am? A chocolate biscuit / cookie is the only answer? Then try this:

7.00am  Hot water and a slice of lemon

7.30 am start with an avocado and egg on toast  – a bit of protein and healthy fat – or some smoked salmon. Stay away from the cereals and pastries. Sit down and eat it, preferably near a window as sunlight increases levels of the sleep inducing melatonin needed for when you need to sleep at night.

8.30 am Get off the bus/train a stop early and walk to work

9.00 am have a coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon instead of sugar! Caffeine increases alertness but needs to be taken in moderation

11.00 am Take a break – you may be feeling that your mind is wondering and not able to concentrate so well – get up from your desk and just walk around for a few minutes. Maybe go and talk to a colleague instead of sending an email!

1.00 pm Eat a healthy lunch, take a walk, we often don’t get enough sunlight and this can affect energy levels and leave us feeling tired and sunlight is so important for helping the body produce Vitamin D so vital for bone health.

3.00 pm Feeling sluggish in the afternoon – a protein based snack rather than sugar or caffeine – gives you a boost without the sugar crash afterwards – just a small handful of nuts would do the trick.

6.00 pm You may want to just slump on the sofa but get to class instead! and then enjoy a tasty healthy evening meal

9.00 pm Herbal tea. Get off your phone and read

10.00 pm 16-18 degrees is said to be a good temperature for the bedroom and to promote sleep