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A Message From Lesley

Slimming Commandments!

Thou shalt not………..

Please take the time to read these slimming commandments, a little bit of light hearted fun but may register with you further!

Thou shalt not order sushi if thou doesn’t like fish!
Only eat food that you like. If you don’t like broccoli and a plain piece of chicken – don’t eat it. Make an effort to prepare and cook tasty food when you are losing weight

Thou shalt barge to the front of your own queue
When you are losing weight you need to put yourself first. Nothing is more important than eating well and exercising because if you don’t have good health and feel good about yourself, you can’t make the most of what life has to offer or be there for people who need you. Ask yourself every day – what do I need to do today to stay on track and make that your first priority

Thou shalt eat slowly and stop when you are comfortably full (not stuffed!)
People who eat quickly are twice as likely to be overweight as those who don’t. Eat slowly, give yourself time to register that you are full and sit down to eat.

Thou shalt ask yourself “what do I really need right now?”
Ask yourself this every time you eat, apart from your regular meals. Are you thirsty, are you tired, are you bored? What do you really need?

Thou salt never eat anything bigger than your head
Stop eating huge meals. You can eat healthily but if you eat supersized meals you will not lose weight. Go for smaller plates. You can often feel pleasantly full on a lot less food!

Thou shalt repeat after me “every little bit helps”
You don’t become overweight in a day and you are not going to slim down in one either! It takes lots of little lifestyle decisions to help you slim – about every bit of food you take, every move you make (sorry). Little by little all those extra bits of extra energy and saved calories will all add up.

hou shalt remember what’s in it for you
It’s hard to get excited about losing weight to avoid heart disease but its more exciting to lose weight for that new dress or having more energy or confidence.

Thou shalt forgive and forget
Ok so you ate a packet of biscuits for breakfast! That doesn’t mean you are a failure and have to pig out for the rest of the day or week! Just say “I forgive myself” and get back on the wagon straight away – SUMO Shut Up and Move On!

Thou shalt remember that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!
Plan your meals, make a list and get all your shopping at the beginning of the week. Mark in your diary all your exercise and never cancel them!

Thou shalt learn to relax
Stress can make you fat. Rest and sleep are vital to help shift the pounds. Research shows that regular sleep deprivation puts your hormones that regulate your appetite and metabolism out of sync and can lead to food cravings and weight gain