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Celebrating 1 year of Going Physical to Digital!!


What the future holds…. 

Following on from feedback and comments, my plan at this time (and it might change) is to run some Face to Face classes as soon as the social distancing rules change. Some of you will remember that I did run a few classes in my garden in September and it was lovely to see the people who attended. But each week the numbers decreased as people preferred to stay at home and do their workout.

So you can see the dilemma, so with a 3 metre distancing required indoors and with about 9-10 people at Raglan School for example, it isn’t financially viable. So, let’s see what the June 21st Lockdown Easing brings and hopefully, we will be able to start getting some classes back open.

However, I am aware that lots of you want to wait until you have had both vaccinations and then you are wanting to go away on holiday and I can’t deny, I feel just the same. So I am thinking of running some Pop-Up style classes throughout the summer, continuing at the same time with Zoom classes and then look to restart with a new weekly timetable from September. I hope that makes sense to you all.

In the meantime, I am hoping that we can meet up for coffee and a chat as soon as it is allowed and hopefully a summer walk, picnic afternoon – any ideas greatly appreciated.


You have all been incredibly supportive of our fundraising and I know that this will continue.

In 2020 you raised £2500 for Cancer Care

The Nightingale Charity Workouts a staggering £2660 plus £515 Gift Aid

The Easter Raffle for Donor Family Network currently stands at £185

For a little fitness group, your generosity is amazing. Thank you.

In Summary

I do look forward to not looking as though I work in a Call Centre! You have created a great supportive Community, with people getting to know other members they may not have met at a Face to Face class. Lots of love and virtual hugs to you all, stay strong ladies and Ron, Alan and Jeff, we are nearly there.

love Lesley xxx