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Easter Raffle and Classes Next Week

Still time to purchase your raffle tickets for this very small charity. We are up to £360 so far, so thank you all.

Please donate to my private account, with your name (otherwise I can’t put you in the draw).

If you do not have my account details message me directly.

The raffle which will take place at the beginning of Aerobics on Saturday. I will then deliver the prizes over the weekend.

Unfortunately, I have been experiencing some problems with Zoom and at the moment I have lost all my icloud recordings. Shaz is working hard to try to get some of them back, so if you have downloaded any, please let me know. I know Gill Harvey, Chris James and Cathy Donegan have some downloads..

Please note that Lunchtime Pilates on Wednesday 31st will be held in the morning at 9 am and at that time thereafter on Wednesdays.I am hoping more people will be able to attend and will be more convenient for everyone as the weather improves.

I am going to have a little break over Easter. I normally go to Spain but its Crews Hill this year! My last class next week will be on Wednesday evening and I know Salsa is very popular and so I thought, for a change I would do Salsa on Wednesday evening instead of the usual Aerobics class.

Classes will resume again on Tuesday 6th April.

Big Hugs and Little Tummies
love Lesley xxx