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Polly and Nellie!!

I know this is a rather long newsletter but I do feel it is one of the most important messages I can give. So please take the time to read it or print it off to read at a later date. I know its talking about Christmas but there is no point leaving it until Christmas Eve!!


One cold, damp day in November, 2 BFFs met up to attend their weekly Healthy Lifestyle Class with Lesley Mitchell.

Polly as always was looking forward to getting on the scales. It had been a challenging week, but she really had tried hard, accounting for calories where she could, portion control where she couldn’t and exercised as much as she could possibly fit in.

Nellie said she had been a saint, but it was her “star” week and had probably gained a couple of pounds. Lesley did point out in her special way that it was the 3rd star week she had had that month and maybe she should see her GP.

They both lost a pound. Polly was delighted, another pound down towards her goal. Nellie was well unhappy “is that all” she huffed loudly. Lesley just smiled. The friends had been coming to class for a while and she knew what to expect from them both.

After all, they were Polly and Nellie – Positive Polly and Negative Nellie!

On this evening they both weighed exactly the same – 11.7 stones and they had the same goal of 10 stones and healthy BMI of 22.5.
Polly was telling Nellie there were only  4 weeks of classes left until Christmas and if they really worked hard, they could lose at least another 7lbs by then. Nellie wasn’t convinced and was telling another member that it was her star week and she didn’t feel like jumping around.

Polly was looking forward to taking up the Christmas Challenge for shifting a few pounds before the big day but Nellie said she couldn’t think about anything like that until January.

The following week Polly lost 2 lbs, she was very happy with that. Nellie lost a pound but just tutted and rolled her eyes to the ceiling.

The next week Polly lost 1 and a half pounds . Nellie stayed the same and explained that she had started to stock up on Christmas food offers and mince pies in case the supermarkets ran out! But couldn’t resist delving in herself at the weekend, just to see if they were worth having for Christmas!

The following week Polly lost another 1 and half pounds and 4 inches. I feel great and I bought a size 12 Karen Millen dress for the New Years Eve party. (Confident that she would manage her food and fitness brilliantly over Christmas and it would still fit on December 31st). She was going to follow Lesley’s message on the website “How to Indulge without the Bulge!

Nellie explained she had been on a weekend trip and had blown it for this week. Polly pointed out that it was only the weekend and she could still have been good all week by saving some calories and doing some extra exercise. In other words you need to Burn to Earn for Special Occasions. Polly looked at Nellie and frowned. Nellie gained 2lbs.

The final week Polly lost 1lb and was now 11 stones 1lb. Nellie said “Oh it’s not worth trying anymore before Christmas. I’ll get started in January. Nellie had gained a pound and was now 11 stones 9lbs.

Classes close over the Christmas period and Polly goes away determined to follow Lesley’s advice for over the break. To have 2 days off – 25th and 26th December (keeping in mind how to be clever with your calories without missing out and to stick to the plan the rest of the time. She manages to lose another pound before Christmas day – down to 11 stones – fantastic!!

Polly didn’t see much of Nellie, what with parties, pantomimes, meals out, meals in, takeaways, etc so she didn’t know that Nellie had decided to forget all about dieting until January 6th 2020 and had gained another 2lbs before Christmas day – up to 11 stones 11lbs!!

Polly might be positive but she is no saint and her 2 day break turned into 3 and she gained 2lbs – up to 11 stones 2lbs but on 28th December, she got her head back into gear, got back to sensible eating, drinking her lemon drink in the morning and fasting on 2 consecutive days. She made a note to herself that she would do the Race for Life in 2020.

Nellie said she couldn’t possibly join Polly in going to the first class of the new year because she wanted to sit on the sofa and watch Mary Poppins with a box of Ferrero Rocher, a bag of Doritos and a litre of Baileys and she just had to finish up the cheese board too!!

January 8th comes around and once again the 2 BFF’s are making their way back to class. Polly is quietly confident about the scales. She got right back on the plan on December 28th and hasn’t wavered since. She was on a high having received so many compliments about her figure in the Karen Millen dress on New Years Eve.

Nellie was saying how fed up of tortilla chips, Pringles, quality street, Yule log and Prosecco she is and she’ll be glad when she has finished it all off! Polly managed to lose the 2lbs she had gained and the first week back she weighed 11 stones, so only a stone to her goal weight – which she felt sure she could easily achieve by the end of February. After all what could be easier with all the support at classes and all the extra exercise she would be doing as she had now become a Premier Plus Member!

Between Christmas and New Year Nellie amazingly gained only 3 lbs but that takes her up to 12 stones!

So on that cold, damp day in November, the BFF’s weighed exactly the same. Just 6 weeks later Nellie is ONE STONE heavier than Polly.

So don’t be a Negative Nelly – you have nothing to lose but pounds and inches!!

You have been warned!!
love Lesley xx