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Slimmer of the Lockdown Year !!


Karina Hunter 1 stone 5 and a half pounds
Imelda Harte 1 stone 5 pounds
Anne Appadoo 1stone 3 and a half pounds
Corinne Pegram 1 stone 1 and a half pounds
Violet Spittle 1 stone 1 pound

Well done all, you must be very chuffed with yourselves!

Now for my Slimmer of Lockdown. I am sure she wont mind me saying but prior to Lockdown she had not really done very much with her weight loss. She was only able to attend class on the odd occasion but when Lockdown happened, she embraced Zoom, doing as many classes as she could fit in and the weight came off regularly. If only we could be together to applaud Louise Jackson’s success – she has lost 1 stone and 11 pounds and looking fantastic.


It is not too late to  join theLM Weight Club – you just WhatsApp me personally with your weight on Thursday morning. I produce a short newsletter to keep everyone in the loop.

Don’t forget to set yourself some goals for 2021!

Big Hugs and Little Tummies
Love Lesley x