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Anything is possible when you put your mind to it – if you would like to exercise in the comfort of your home please get in touch & I will let you know how you can join me & my class members.

It doesn’t matter how old or fit you are all you need is wifi connection and mobile device.  

Depending on the device you are using you will need to do the following:-

PC / laptop download Zoom – it is free, just need to put your name and email address and subscribe to basic package

 Ipad / tablet / mobile phone) – install Zoom Cloud from your app store or equivalent.

Once you have completed the above you will be ready to join me at a class!

Every class / meeting has a unique meeting ID & Password – this is sent out via email so please ensure I have your correct details.

Remember to have water, mat, weights (if using) ready for start class, please ensure you are wearing trainers, although at home it is not sensible to work out with bare feet / slippers or flip flops!

To join you just click on the Zoom icon on your device & click join meeting.

You will be asked for meeting ID & then password.

If you are prompted to show video & audio please do so.

If for any reason you didn’t notice these prompts once you have joined kindly try and do the following:-

  • Make sure you have video on – it is helpful for me to actually see how you are doing
  • Make sure you have audio on – it is nice to say hello before class starts – I will mute everyone when class begins (you always have the option to unmute if you need to)
  • Ensure the volume on your device is turned up
  • Ensure your device is fully charged and / or the charger is at hand
  • Try and be close to your router, we have found it does assist in clear visual & sound for all
  • When you find me on your screen select ‘pin video’ option – it just makes following the routines easier, when there are 25+ in a class depending on your device it does get a little difficult to see me!

At the end of the class, if you haven’t unmuted yourself I will do so, it is nice to get some feedback and if you have been having any difficulties you can let me know.

I really hope you enjoy and embrace these virtual classes, as so many of my lovely members have done.

Big Hugs and Little Tummies
love Lesley xx