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Simple Tips!

Simple Tips to Move More

Get into a good habit
Set a reminder (you could set an alarm or timer on your phone) to get up and move every 30 minutes during the day. Try stretching during TV ad breaks or pacing around the kitchen while the kettle’s boiling. Especially if you are working from home.

Leave for Lunch
Lunchtime is a good opportunity to fit in some activity. Take a break to stretch and unwind, or even fit in a quick 20 minute workout – one of my Charity Workouts would fit the bill!

It’s better together
If your friends and family want to be more active to, try engaging everyone’s competitive side with activity challenges like seeing who can do the most steps in a day!

Go from strength to strength
Strength building activities, like carrying heavy grocery bags, or doing my classes – will help to keep muscles, joints and bones strong. Aim to do this at least twice a week.

Reward Yourself
Set yourself goals and rewards. You could go for a long walk then treat yourself to an episode of your favourite TV show.

Your own stand-up routine
Try standing when you can instead of sitting, maybe when on your phone – even short periods will add up and improve your strength.

Track your progress
Hitting your daily target will feel great. Using a tracking app can help, but even just a checklist on a piece of paper will do.

Remember those summer bodies are made in the winter and we are on our way to Spring. So if you haven’t been exercising during lockdown, its never to late to start. Just give me a ring, text or email to join our Zoom in a Room Exercise Group.

Big Hugs and Little Tummies
love Lesley xxx