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Find out how our weight-loss star,

Anne Appadoo has turned her life around by taking regular exercise & adopting a healthy eating regime

When I first joined Lesley, weighing around 15+ stones, it was more about the way I looked rather than thinking about getting healthy.

I attended  Galliard Road classes, and successfully shed the stones, getting into size 12 – (Year 2000) The harsh lesson I subsequently learnt was I SHOULD HAVE CONTINUED ATTENDING CLASSES.

I didn’t and to be truthful, I can’t even think of a valid reason why I acted so irresponsibly. You can guess what happened – I put all the weight back on and then some, ending up having a heart attack in November 2004.  I contacted Lesley in December and she welcomed me back like an old friend.  No criticism not even the LOOK!

How to keep motivated

So motivation this time round was to achieve a healthy weight and more importantly a healthier heart.  I eventually got to my goal weight in Summer 2006.  I had learned my lesson and this time I was sticking like superglue. We all have ups and downs – but I have never returned to the person that I was back then. The cardiologist, diabetologist and my GP were so pleased and continue to express pleasure and congratulations whenever I see them.

Being a Lesley groupie always motivates me to act when the weight creeps up – I say to them I am not alone, I have little Lesley on my shoulder.

So when Covid struck, I soon noted that my weight started creeping up.  I was doing the Zoom classes, but working from home meant being mostly sedentary and having snacks available on tap!!!

Having a Plan

May day bank holiday was the turning point.

I weighed myself, set myself a weight loss goal for my birthday in August and decided I would follow a modified version of Dr Mosley Fast 800 diet – Mediterranean style.  I bought the recipe book from Amazon.

All the things Lesley usually tells us to do:

Set a goal

Planned meals and shopped accordingly

Did my best to cut back on the alcohol and failed miserably quite a few times!!

Time Restricted Eating; I do this 4 times a week at least.

I had the Zoom in the Room support, walks to local parks and  Lesley weigh-ins restarted.  Yaaay!

My grandchildren made me do Wake up with Joe almost everyday – we all did it together and somehow it kept us connected and sane during lockdown!

What works for me

As my fitness improved, I wanted to start running again, so went back to Couch to 5K the NHS/BBC APP.

To cut to the chase, I reached my initial goal before my birthday and was able to run the distance the same week. I reset the goal to lose a few more pounds (just for the wriggle room)and this is what I am working on now.

The British Journal of Medicine published an article a while back, only 52% of people who have a heart attack below the age of 55 survive more than 15 years.

Great to be included in there. Medication helps but not without the essential Lesley Mitchell Fitness!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! (Complete with stents and the dodgy bits)