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Find out how our weight-loss star,

Lorna Bradly has maintained a healthy BMI of 22.6 for 8 Years



I joined Lesley Mitchell Fitness in 2009 with a BMI of 28.7, hoping to lose and keep off the two stone plus I’d already lost and re-gained twice at another slimming club and was putting on again. From the start I loved Lesley’s mix of dance aerobics and pilates, although when I started I didn’t feel like I had any muscles at all and struggled to keep up with the routines. But everyone was very supportive and Lesley’s motto is always to do as much as you can, just keep moving, so that’s what I did. I couldn’t have imagined that a few years down the line I’d be doing two minute planks!

Sensible food swaps

Lesley’s diet advice has always been based on healthy eating principles and she constantly keeps up to date with the latest nutritional and weight loss advice, trying new ideas out herself so she can recommend them to us. I’d lost faith in diet plans by this time so this suited me fine and I decided to make my diet healthier instead. I changed my breakfast buttered toast and marmalade to fruit and yoghurt and kept my lunchtime sandwich but made it with wholemeal bread and healthier, lower calorie fillings with lots of salad. I changed dinner to lean meat/fish and loads of vegetables and changed biscuit, cake and chocolate snacks to fruit.

Slow & steady weight loss

My weight loss was slow but sure and with the support and encouragement of everyone at class I managed to reach my target weight. That was where I’d always fallen down in the past – I’m great at putting on weight and not bad at losing it but mainaining weight loss long term was something I’d never really got to grips with. But gradually, as I got fitter, the motivation for eating less and more healthily increased and I have now kept my BMI at 22.6 for the past 8 years.

The Benefits

The rewards are massive. My fitness has improved enormously and I know I’m fitter and more toned than I’ve been for years. I have loads more energy and love it that all my clothes fit me so I no longer have a fat and thin wardrobe. Even if I put on a few pounds now, which I still do of course (life is full of eating and drinking opportunities!) I cut down on the food and do a bit more exercise for a while until I’ve lost them again. Lesley’s classes are always fun and challenging