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Find out how our weight-loss star,

Sue Busson has lost a stone through exercise due to a Potential Life Threatening Condition

A Potential Life Threatening Condition

My name is Sue, I would say I am a young at heart nearly 64 year old.  I have always been into walking, keeping fit & swimming; I have even tried yoga.  I have always tried to eat healthy food but once I turned 50 my health started to go downhill as I was diagnosed with F.A.P – this is a condition whereby thousands of polyps grow throughout the large bowel which over a short period of time will if left turn to cancer.

I had my large bowel removed 5 years ago, which resulted in me no longer being able to eat all the lovely salads & veg.  The only food I was told to eat was white rice, white pasta, potatoes & white bread, defiantly no roughage what so ever or fatty meat but I can thankfully eat all root vegetables.   Needless to say over time my weight crept up especially as I ate more sugary food including cakes, biscuits & so on.

Exercise is fun

I have 3 good friends who have joined exercise classes & have lost weight, 2 of them Joined “Lesley Mitchell Fitness Classes” They got me to join March 2018 weighing 12st.13lb I’m 5ft 1in with high blood pressure then the fun began….

I love going to Lesley’s Classes, I have made loads of new friends of all ages we have such fun dancing & singing whilst we exercise.  I have lost a stone in weight which I never thought would be possible as I’m always hungry & eating.  I am much healthier & fitter than I was and I am starting to like myself once more.

Healthy choices are a challenge

Lesley always encourages us with healthy tips; healthy eating which is a challenge for me as I have to do the opposite most of the time! however I have learnt to adapt my diet to my condition & coupled with attending Lesley’s classes which I try to manage 4 times a week I am seeing the results & like what I see.

Choice of classes to attend

Lesley’s Fitness Classes are the best I have ever joined, there are many choices of days & times throughout the week to choose from there will always be a class that is suitable & fits in with you – everyone is so very friendly, no one judges you & age is no concern.  We are all very friendly & happy, so thank you Lesley for helping me to achieve my weight loss & energy so far & my dear friends who introduced me to joining this happy fitness class. xx