About LMF

Welcome to Lesley Mitchell Fitness in Enfield

“Friends who workout together stay together”

I believe this to be true, lifelong friendships have been formed in my classes and this has continued even more so in Lockdown, when people attended online classes and hadn’t met until they saw each other on screen. The friends you make at LMFitness will be friends for years to come, you will never regret taking that first step into our classes.

When I ask my members why they come to class, fun, motivational, singalong routines, no one judges you, everyone friendly and supportive is what they tell me swiftly followed by the many serious health benefits but I believe it is the fun that keeps them coming. Social events and Charity Fundraisers are held throughout the year. This is so much more than a fitness class. I cannot wait to welcome you on board

Big Hugs and Little Tummies
love Lesley