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Easter Bunny Raffle

This is a message from Linda Fallon

Our son has been very blessed to receive a donor heart some 7yrs ago now. I still remember the trauma of that process and how Lesley, her classes and you guys and gals literally carried us through that. We shall be grateful forever🙏

We also know there is at least one donor family in our midst without whom other lives would have been lost. 🙏 This gift of life is beyond words. 💝

As we celebrate new life at Easter and these beautiful ‘knitted family’ ☺️I hope we can somehow contribute to this beautiful organisation. Your gift will be greatly appreciated. Thank you soo v v much.

: It is our mission to become the leading donor family charity in the transplant community by providing awareness of organ donation and through the highest quality support for every donor family.
It is our vision to promote the positive benefits of organ and tissue donation for the families of those who have died and donated, for recipients and for those awaiting transplants.
The work of the Donor Family Network is symbolised by its logo which consists of a butterfly and a forget-me-not. The butterfly represents hope and new life and the forget-me-not means no donor will ever be forgotten.

I hope you will be able to support this charity by purchasing a raffle ticket £5 to win the delightful Easter Family, knitted by my clever sister and the second prize is a chicken. This originally came about last year when my 6 year old grandson Rory asked for a chicken for his birthday and Marilyn came up with this and he goes to bed with it every night – so she copied her creation for us.

Please donate to my private account, with your name (otherwise I can’t put you in the draw). 
If you do not have my account details message me directly.

The draw will take place over Easter. I am sure you will agree that this is a very worthwhile cause. 

Love Lesley xx