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Reasons to Plank

  1. When you bend or lift in everyday life, you are engaging your core. Planking will enhance your core strength. The muscles and joints that connect your upper and lower body are your core and will become stronger.
  1. Help to flatten your stomach. Studies have shown that planking uses 100% of your abdominal muscles, whereas crunches only engage 64%.
  1. Your back, particularly the upper back, will become stronger and there is no strain on the spine as you are in neutral spine.
  1. Your posture and balance will improve and you will be able to stand and sit straighter without difficulty as your core strengthens.
  1. Improve flexibility as the muscles are being stretched around the shoulders and hamstrings and will help to offset the loss of elasticity which we, unfortunately, lose as we get older.
  1. Boost metabolism and burn fat, it may not beat a cardio workout but will certainly help!
  1. Workout anywhere! No equipment and the reason it is hard is that it works so many muscles groups at once!

The one problem with Planking, is boredom – so maybe read a book or watch something on you tube – or plank with a friend!