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Find out how our weight-loss star,

Anne Cox has lost over 3.5 stone and got her Diabetes under control and into remission

I have always been a comfort eater and attended a variety of weight loss classes, with varying results over the years. I then joined a local Rosemary Conley class where food was considered and exercise too. I attended classes once a week and enjoyed the exercise.
Diagnosed with pre-diabeties
I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic in 2005 and changed some of my eating habits after attending a one day diabetic course. I did lose weight but could only attend one class a week. In time my weight crept up again.
My before weight loss photo was taken in 2010, when I was 13.5 stone and size16 /18. When I retired, I joined Lesley’s classes. She gave good food advice and I liked her classes. Everyone was very friendly and I gained a bit of confidence as my weight reduced slowly to 11.5 stone and I ate more sensibly. My blood glucose results seemed stable too. I enjoyed the structure of the classes as Lesley tried new fitness styles and I increased the number of classes that I attended from one to three/four a week.
In November 2018, although I had started to lose a little more weight, my six monthly blood glucose test showed that I was now diabetic (49). This came as a SHOCK and made me take some action. I attended a self management course in Diabetes and learnt a lot more about my condition. I took myself in hand.
Sensible choices including a diary
I made some changes to my eating habits. I always now eat three meals a day, this helps me snack less. I drink about two litres of sparkling water a day, this fills me up so I don’t feel hungry. I changed from semi skimmed milk to skimmed milk. I cut back on ‘white’ carbohydrates like bread, pasta and rice. I eat far more vegetables and cut back on fruit. I don’t eat much meat but instead have fish, chicken, beans and pulses. I kept a food diary for four weeks to help me check what went into my mouth and tried for 1200 calorie day. I aim to take over 10,000 steps daily. I also have started Lesley’s Body Blitz class, which is hard and I can’t do everything but I notice a difference shape wise.
The Benefits
So since November, I have slowly gone from 11 stone 3 pounds to 9 stone 12 pounds. My 6 monthly blood glucose results show that I am now in remission ( 44 ), my blood pressure is good, my cholesterol is good as is my weight. My BMI is now 22.9 and I take a size 10/12. I’m trying to get to 9 .5 stone. It has been a long time since I was in this weight range!
Thank you to Lesley and her continued support and my friends in class. I hope that I will be able to maintain this new me…