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As featured in Healthy Food Guide Magazine – Find out how our weight-loss star,

Sharon Howard, lost nearly 3 stone, plus 10in off her waist.

My dieting wake-up call

I love all aspects of food and sitting with family and friends chatting over a nice meal with a bottle of wine. I’ve always had issues with my weight – even as a child I’d turn to food for comfort. In 2010 I was told that if I didn’t take control of my life and health issues, I was likely to develop type 2 diabetes and a heart condition. I’d also been diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver. In April 2013 I was hit by the realisation that I wasn’t in control of my health.

What worked for me

I started doing fitness classes in June 2013. My coach Lesley convinced me to do high intensity interval training (HiiT). To my surprise I quite enjoyed the classes and my stamina increased each week – as did my weight loss.
Diet-wise, portion control is important, so I now always weigh my food and I also use an online food diary. I do still eat cheese most days, but it’s a low-fat soft version that I have with pickle or Marmite for flavour. I’m very fortunate that my husband Nick and my friends have been very supportive. There have been holidays, a hen weekend, a wedding, various parties and meals out last year, but I’ve still lost weight! I also use a tape measure to monitor my progress; in total I’ve lost 41in from my body – 10in from my waist alone!

My new routine

My liver function has improved considerably and the confidence I’ve gained from losing weight is amazing. I enjoy exercise and miss it when I don’t do it. A couple of ladies have said I inspire and motivate them, which is a huge compliment.