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Washboard Abs!!

Why To Plank

I deliberately didn’t use the above as the title of the newsletter as I thought many of you would think “oh not again”!! I so wish you would give the plank a go. You can use a chair if you are not able to go to the floor. Below are the reasons that you should try to Plank and please checkout my website for tips on how to do this correctly.

Improved Posture
We don’t usually think about our posture, until we try and stand on one leg, or our Mum tells us to stop slouching! Since planks tone your abdominal muscles, it gives your back greater support, improving your posture dramatically. This in turn can help prevent back injury, spinal curving etc.

Increased Metabolism
One of the reasons the plank is so hard is that it targets several different muscle groups. The more muscle you build, the faster your metabolism will become, making planks a very efficient fat burner!

Improved Core Definition
Planks are perfect for abdominal exercises because they recruit the majority of the major core muscle groups, including the transverse abdominus (deep muscle that can only be recruited by pulling in), rectus abdominus that enables you to curl up, and obliques when doing a side plank and the glutes (in your bottom) plus the muscles in the arms, legs and back. Besides giving you a hard as nails stomach, it will also improve your lifting strength.

If you don’t normally join us in the plank in class, please think about joining in. You can use your chair or if you go to the floor you can drop your knees at anytime. It really is a great strengthening exercise.

Lecture over!

Big Hugs and Little Tummies
Love Lesley x